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BHS Exam Dates

Our Coaches are ready to support your BHS Journey, covering all aspects of the syllabus and preparing you for the assessment whilst having the opportunity to ride the horses you’ll ride in the assessment.

Furthermore, the BHS have launched a transition fund to help candidates pay towards their BHS stage 2 & 3 – You can use these vouchers here at CRS, meaning it is a great time to start your training toward the BHS Qualifications.

We offer first class training from Stage 1 to Stage 4, either in a group or in a private session

Exam Dates

Assessment LevelDate
BHS Stage 2 TEACH7/9/2023
BHS Stage 3 Care, Lunge and Dressage Ride20/9/2023
BHS Stage 4 Care and Lunge only3/10/2023
BHS Stage 3 Teach11/10/2023 AM & PM
BHS Stage 2 Care, Lunge and Ride19/10/2023
Stage 1 Care and Ride1/11/2023
Stage 1 Care and Ride15/11/2023

For information regarding the transition fund please follow the link and the BHS website for syllabus information

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