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Client Testimonial - Cerys Macaulay

My name is Cerys Macaulay, I am a 4* event rider & Team GBR member.

I spent a lot of my early riding days at Cheshire Riding School where I attended Pony Club sessions, group lessons, private lessons and several activity days such as ‘own a pony’ days.

Cheshire Riding School gave me a great foundation for my eventing career and taught me the importance of horse care, tack cleaning and of course riding lessons!

Approximately 10 years down the line now aged 22, I have had 3 top 10 finishes at the 4*S level in eventing, a top 4 finish at the 3*L level over in Ireland.

I have been selected to represent Great Britain twice; Once on an Under 21 Youth team and the more recently being selected to ride on a senior Nations Cup Team, competing at a 4* event in Avenches, Switzerland.

I also break and produce young horses through the ranks and have been selected to be a part of the Howden Way Tier 1 Talent Pathway, designed for riders under 28 who are competing at 4*/5* and in Nations Cup competitions. I also now run a rehabilitation centre for horses and humans in Lincolnshire alongside my eventing career.

I would recommend CRS for anyone wishing to get into riding. The horses receive an outstanding level of care, the facilities are far superior to any other riding school I have visited, and the teaching staff are friendly, knowledgeable and well qualified for their job.