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Kids/Teens Lessons

Our Kids & Teens lessons provide an educational experience for young equestrian enthusiasts. Kids are able to start riding with us from the age of 4, with parents having an option of lesson type to choose from depending on their child’s needs.

Our progression ladder caters for all aspirations. Whether the goal is to be a competitive rider, enjoy the pleasure of riding, or to benefit from the social aspects, our kids & teens pathway allows children to progress in a fun & safe environment.

If your child is aged between 3 and 4 but really wants to start riding, check out our walk-outs here to enjoy a leisurely stroll around our farm ride.

Our kids/teens lessons provide a fun, yet educational introduction to riding.

Firstly, kids with no experience can join straight onto 30-minute lead-rein lessons which are designed to provide great value whilst having manageable group sizes.

Once riders are able to complete the basics without direct aid from a leader, clients can move into 30-minute off lead-rein groups which continue to build confidence, knowledge and will start to learn to canter.

When clients can canter confidently without holding on, they are able to move up into 1 hour novice group lessons.

At this stage, kids can begin to choose their own route of progression whether it be jumping, dressage, or our Pony Club 2 hour group sessions. (link)

Our progression ladder is designed to allow young enthusiasts to join our school from any age and seek to achieve their riding goals.

Fun fact: Young clients have come through our programme from a young age who are now competing at British Eventing advanced level.