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Beginners Lessons

Beginner horse riding lessons provide newcomers with a structured introduction to the world of riding. These lessons are designed to familiarize riders with the skills, safety protocols and the basics of riding and controlling the horse by learning how to apply the aids to ask the horse to walk, steer, halt and trot.

As your confidence and skills grow, you will be introduced to more techniques to improve your balance and interact with the horse.

Our goal of these lessons extends beyond just riding; they aim to build a strong foundation of respect and understanding between the horse and rider whilst seeking to build confidence around horses and safely able to be in control whilst riding.

Beginner lessons start to build the basic foundations of riding. The areas covered include:

  • Mounting & dismounting
  • Balance and position
  • Basic aids
  • Walk to halt
  • Halt to walk
  • Walk to rising trot
  • Rising trot to walk Although this is not mandatory, clients are encouraged to learn how to lead horses correctly to and from their stable and untacking.

Once the above has been achieved and can be performed without direct aid of a leader, clients can begin to learn further techniques.

  • Secure balance and position within walk and halt.
  • Rising and sitting trot
  • Introduction of ‘diagonals’
  • Basic school movements (change of rein, circles)
  • Riding without stirrups in walk and trot

Instructors will now begin to introduce canter with appropriate safety equipment for clients to hold onto when first learning, whilst also looking at further school movements in canter.

Once clients are confident in canter without holding on and can complete school movements such as 20 metre circles, they can be considered capable of riding at a novice level.