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Assessment Lessons

All new clients must undertake an assessment lesson. Returning clients who have not ridden with us for over 12 months are also required to complete an assessment lesson.

Progression is important to us and we ensure that all our riders are comfortable and capable before moving onto more challenging riding levels.

Until you have completed an assessment lesson, you cannot book onto scheduled lessons and activities. This is for rider safety and the wellbeing of our horses, we closely match horses and riders based on height, weight, lesson ability and riding capabilities to ensure that everyone is properly taken care of.

Our instructors will determine the level of riding you are currently at, this is used to find you the best lesson for your ability.

Here is a table of our progression.

BeginnerNovice (50cm)Intermediate (60cm)(70cm)AdvancedW+TWTC
Can adjust own stirrups and girth
Trot independently (without holding on)
Trot school movements (sitting and rising trot)
Trot without stirrups
Trot knowing diagonals
Canter without holding on
Canter school movements (e.g. 20 meter circles)
Canter 20 meter circle without stirrups
Trot poles
Canter poles in light seat and secure jump position
Able to ride lateral movements
Can jump a cross pole with a balanced position
Can jump linking more than one fence together with a balanced position

You must be able to perform all the required techniques before progressing to jumping or other disciplines.